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Try Our Sample Menus

As a bespoke catering company, we simply don't do canned menus.  But if you would like to see a sample of a menu we have done in the past, click on one of the following links to see what we can offer.

Event: Ippolita: Fashion Night Out 2012

[passed hors d’oeuvre, sweets & cocktails “Italy in NYC”] [1500 guests]
[“v” for vegetarian]

Event: The Wall Street Journal: Chinese New Year

[passed hors d’oeuvre & cocktails “Year of the Dragon”] [400 guests]

Event: NBC Universal; Tapas Cocktails

[small plate, dessert & cocktails] [30 guests]

Event: Chanel Beauty Cocktail Event Options

[passed hors d’oeuvre, sweets, cheeses & cocktails]
[bite sized] [100 guests]